More On TNA Policy Change Regarding Indy Bookings


Partial Source: Pwinsider

According to sources, an independent promotion has stated that they stopped booking TNA talent over the course of the summer as they were informed they could no longer feature talents on iPPVs, DVDs or any other rebroadcasted material. So it appears that the new policy started a while back, but in now being strictly enforced.

Chavo Guerrero was cancelled off of an independent show due to the policy, noting the following… “I will not be appearing @NSPW on Oct 6 due to them not honoring their contract. They decided last min that they wanted to tape & sell DVD’s Of me & that was never discussed. That is of course illegal to film & distribute w/out permission. I’m sorry to ppl who have already paid But that is completely on @NSPW plz don’t blame me. I’m still willing to hold up my end of the deal. Plz take your complaints to @NSPW”

North Shore Pro Wrestling responded with the following…

North Shore Pro Wrestling: “Due to TNA deciding that their talent cant appear on indy feds’ dvd, we hav no choice but to cancel Chavo Guerrero’s appearance on Oct. 6th. Mr. Guerrero’s claim that we decided last minute to tape and sell dvds is incorrect has we have done dvds of all of our shows. It is just not possible to cover the cost without dvds of the event. Never in the past has this been an issue with any guests. NSPW finds the situation and the decision made by TNA to prevent talent from appearing on dvds to be unfortunate. NSPW doesn’t hold anything against Mr Guerrero and wishes him nothing but the best with TNA Wrestling. A suitable replacement for our Main Event will be announced tonight!”

It should be noted that TNA is still allowing their talents to work indy events. The issue is simply filming for DVDs, iPPVs, etc. To be honest, it’s a smart move on their part and it’s not as if they’re “banning” talents from appearing at indy shows. WWE has a strict policy in place where none of their talents are allowed to appear at indy events, even if they’re not being filmed for iPPV/DVD, etc. purposes.

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