More On Vince McMahon Yelling At RAW + Dark Match


Partial Source: Pwinsider

— As noted earlier, WWE developmental wrestler Xavier Woods defeated Michael McGillicutty in a dark match prior to Monday’s Raw broadcast. The former Consequences Creed worked this weekend’s Raw live event tour.

Jon Harmon sent this one in regarding Vince McMahon being angry following his promo on RAW with CM Punk:

I’m sitting second row behind the announcers. After Vince’s segment he yelled at a stage manager who was really flustered afterward.

It may have had something to do with a sign in the crowd because one was then immediately confiscated. The stage manager looked really pissed that he caught hell.

Also, they announced at the show that SmackDown will take place in Sacramento, CA on Tuesday January 22.

Remember those “Anger Management” classes on RAW a few weeks ago?! Hmmmm.

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