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NewsMore On Vince McMahon's Return, Which Companies Might Purchase WWE

More On Vince McMahon’s Return, Which Companies Might Purchase WWE



A new report from Pwinsider has even more fallout from Vince McMahon’s abrupt return to the WWE Board of Directors.

Mike Johnson has stated that numerous people he’s spoken with have remarked how insane the last 24 hours have been. Many acknowledged that even though they thought Vince’s return was a possibility, many within the company were either in denial or unaware how this could happen.

Lightshed Media have theorized via their podcast that William Morris Endeavor (WME), who also own UFC, could be a potential suitor to purchase WWE. It’s believed that WME would only undertake such a thing if Vince were involved with the company. You can find a link to their podcast below.

There are also plenty of folks theorizing that Comcast, who owns NBC Universal, would be the most likely candidate to purchase WWE given their long-standing relationship.

As for an update on Vince himself, he is not in Memphis, TN for tonight’s episode of SmackDown, nor was he at Titan Towers today.

Three members of the board are no longer with the company. Board member Manjit Singh’s resignation was seen as the “least shocking move” of the day. The former Sony executive had a reputation for being extremely “by the books” and supported diligent investigations into McMahon’s allegations this past summer. Jeffrey R. Speed had also been supportive of the investigation. Speed is no longer on the board.

JoEllen Lyons Dillon, on the other hand, joined the Board in the post-investigation era and was uninvolved in those proceedings. Yet she is now a former board member, as well.

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