More On When Talent Knew About Their WWE Draft Moves


A new report from Fightful has shared details on various aspects of this year’s WWE Draft.

The report notes that several top members of the roster were told where they were set to be drafted on the Thursday before the draft began. The calls to inform the roster were made by both Vince McMahon, as well as members of the talent relations department.

However, not every member of the roster was informed. Some were not told until after the draft had begun that they were not going to be drafted, while others learned as their names were called. Finally, some were just prepared for TV, with various talents stuck in limbo unaware of where/if they were going to be drafted.

The majority of the talents selected on Monday had not known where they were set to end up when the draft began the week prior. But, some had assumed correctly that they would be moving when they were required to make travel plans.

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