More On Why Eve Torres Quit WWE


Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

After her title loss to Kaitlyn on last night’s episode of RAW and then “quitting” WWE during a backstage interview (which aired on the WWE mobile app and, Eve Torres really is leaving the company.

Torres approached Vince McMahon last month and told him of her decision to leave the company. The decision was made for her to stay long enough to finish her program with Kaitlyn and then drop the title to her on the 20th anniversary of RAW.

As we’ve been reporting, Torres is engaged to Rener Gracie and will be the new face of the Gracie Academy’s “Women Empowered” self-defense program.

Natalya tweeted the following about Eve leaving: “Whether I’ve loved @EveMarieTorres or hated her, she’s one of the divas that has made me want to be…better.”

Eve herself tweeted the following after leaving. She said: “I arrived Texas with the Divas Championship in my luggage, and left Texas with this belt. Whelp, time to go.”

She then posted a photo of a large Texas belt buckle.

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