More On Why WWE Wants CM Punk Back, More


According to sources, another reason why WWE is opting not to talk about the recent departure of CM Punk is because Vince McMahon personally likes Punk and wants to try and work things out with him since he’s one of his top selling Superstars. This is part of the reason why they haven’t taken any obvious “cheap shots” at him and also haven’t put anything on They want the situation to blow over and have him return like nothing happened. The company was said to have been “furious” when ran an article about him legitimately quitting the company as they wanted to keep things as quiet as possible. Numerous mainstream media outlets have now picked up the story and that’s the exact opposite of what WWE wanted to happen.

Also, WWE has invested a lot of money into Punk with marketing ads and merchandise in stores, so they want to protect his name until his contract runs out in July.

If the two sides can’t come to a new agreement, WWE will not mention Punk until his contract officially expires. As of last word, the two sides were still not talking.

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