More On WWE Banning TNA Talent From Wizard World


Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

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Last week, TNA Knockout Tara stated that she was set to appear at Wizard World but was “banned” because WWE didn’t want TNA talent at the event. Word is that WWE had an exclusive agreement with Wizard World that only allowed WWE guests into the event.

Tara was asked by a friend of hers to appear at a booth to help draw attention and she stated that she couldn’t appear as a guest and get paid, but she would just drop in to help out. Wizard World then told the person whose booth she was going to hang out at that she was not going to be allowed to be at the show. That is when Tara posted the video message about not being allowed to appear.

The people that run the Wizard World event were said to be upset about the situation because they got a negative response about it, especially news of the “WWE exclusive” deal.

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