More On WWE’s Cost Cutting Measures + NXT/WWE, Y2J


— Chris Jericho’s band Fozzy is performing on Tuesday night in Tempe, Arizona and in Las Vegas on Wednesday.

— As previously reported, WWE is taking steps to attempt to cut some unnecessary costs at their non-televised live events by taking some of the non-essential talents, such as performers like Vickie Guerrero and Zeb Colter, off of the road. It’s worth pointing out that despite the reports, while Colter was not at the live events this past weekend, Vickie Guerrero was in fact at the shows.

— Tom Phillips, who has been commentating WWE NXT matches since last September, has been added to the NXT talent page on

Prior to joining WWE last year, Phillips called basketball games for the Big Ten Network. He was a wrestling fan growing up as he watched “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, as well as Extreme Championship Wrestling since it was based in his hometown of Philadelpha, Pennsylvania.

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