More On WWE Truck Accident, ‘Guess The Dead Wrestler’


— I (Ryan Clark) will be taking the train down to New York City tomorrow (Sunday) to cover the ROH 10th Anniversary event. If you’re interested in meeting up for dinner and drinks on me before the event around 3:00EST when my train arrives, please email me ASAP at [email protected]. I look forward to meeting you all tomorrow (Sunday) in New York City!

— 106.9 The Bear in Ottawa was doing a ticket giveaway for tonight’s WWE show by playing a game titled, “Guess the dead wrestler.”

— There is a story on WrestleReunion coming to Miami at

— The Dick Tracy cartoon is still doing its wrestling themed storyline, including a character drawn to be Jerry Lawler called Jerry King, who is a television announcer. His sidekick, named Michael, is drawn to look nothing like Michael Cole. In the comic, Jerry King was talking about what a great match we just saw where Tojo Yamamoto & Johnny Long won the tag team titles from The Mighty Yankees. All of the names were Tennessee wrestlers in the early 70s.

— As noted earlier, one of the WWE equipment trucks ran off the road near Pulaski, NY on Thursday night during a nasty snow storm It was one of the trucks with a photo of The Miz on the side. Think he’ll be blamed for the accident?!

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