More On WWE’s Positive COVID-19 Tests, WWE Stock Rises, Curt Hawkins’ Latest Video


At the closing bell on Thursday, WWE’s stock was at $45.51. That is up $0.69 (1.54%) from Wednesday’s closing price.

While it has not been confirmed, the person responsible for the latest COVID-19 outbreak within WWE is said to have been a female NXT performer who was in the stands as an audience member.


WWE initially sent four emails to “hardcore” NXT fans asking them to come in and get tested before being used as audience members but after the COVID-19 outbreak, a final email was sent indicating that those plans were all cancelled and there would be no one outside of WWE at the Performance Center. Talent was said to already be unhappy at the company for letting fans in since the feeling was that it was impossible to trace where those fans had come from and who they had been in contact with.

You can check out the latest video from the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast below. In this episode, Brian Myers unboxes a Triple H and Chyna action figure set:

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