More Post-RAW Notes, UWF Preview, Foley News


Partial Source: Pwinsider

Joseph Burke sent this one in: After Raw went off the air, Kane returned from the hole and attacked John Cena. Zack Ryder was helped to the back. Cena and Kane brawled until Kane was clotheslined out of the ring and backed off. They noted Jerry Lawler was scheduled to wrestle Michael Cole, but as Cena pointed out, they couldn’t because there was a hole in the ring. Cole acted all smug until Cena suggested they have a Street Fight instead. Cole looked shocked even though it was advertised as a Street Fight for weeks here. Lawler pretty much killed Cole, nailing him with the piledriver and ripping his pants off before pinning him. I could have done without that pasty look, thank you very much. Lawler then wished everyone a good night and reminded everyone that the best wrestling fans in the world were from Memphis. It was a far cry from the old days at the Mid-South Coliseum but it’s still The King headlining in Memphis, which was nice to see one more time.

– Here is a video preview of the UWF Thug Assassins PPV:

– Here is a preview of Mick Foley on “Celebrity Wife Swap”:

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