​More Post-WWE RAW Notes + A Video Of John Cena Bringing A Cancer Survivor Into The Ring


Credit: Chris Hallstrom and Pwinsider

After Raw went off the air, there was a six-man dark match between the Club and Enzo/Cass/Cena. Big Cass had a nice showdown with Luke Gallows. Then, the Club dominated Enzo and got some cheap shots on Cass and not allowing Cena to be tagged in. Enzo hot tags Cena. Cena clears the house and hits his spots on Anderson before AJ kicks him in the back of the head. Gallows power bombs Enzo. Cass takes out Gallows. Cena hits the AA on Anderson for the pin to send the crowd home happy.

Cena also brought a cancer survivor in the ring at RAW, and you can see a video of that below:

Lot of the upper bowl was tapped off with some seats empty up top.Overall, a very patriotic show.

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