More RAW Changes, John Laurinaitis Update + Fan Notes


Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter


— As noted earlier here on the website, former WWE star MVP was one of the alumni contacted to appear at the 1,000th RAW. The company ultimately changed their mind though for him as well as Steve Blackman, Tatanka, Viscera and several others.

Hurricane1650 sent this one in: Hey, I didn’t know if you guys knew but there is a new country music video that has Jeff Hardy, James Storm and a long hair Bobby Roode in it. It’s by the group the lacs and is called “shake it”. It has been featured a lot on CMT’s Facebook today.

Pojo Hart sent this one along: Indywrestler Robert Swenson passed away. He played a character called “The Ultimate Solution” in WCW. You can click here to find out more details on the tragic passing.

— As previously reported, John Laurinaitis resigned as Senior Vice President of Talent Operations last week. Laurinaitis is staying with the company as a producer and agent; according to sources within the company, Laurinaitis had talked about how exhausted he was with his workload jumping back and forth from Stamford to the road as a corporate and on-air character, respectively. Triple H has never been considered to be a big fan of Laurinaitis and the move to get him out of the talent side of things wasn’t surprising to many. Jane Geddes (Vice President of Talent Relations) and Canyon Ceman (Senior Director of Talent Development) have been learned the ropes in the company and that further diminished Laurinaitis’ responsibilities in on the corporate side and Michael Hayes had already replaced John Laurinaitis as a house show matchmaker. Laurinaitis is still set for house shows through September.

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