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More on Sami Zayn’s Altercation with Fan Who Used Homophobic Slur


We have some more information to pass along regarding Sami Zayn’s altercation with a fan who yelled a homophobic slur during a WWE house show. Zayn was ringside for a match between Bray Wyatt and Shinsuke Nakamura when the fan called him a “Canadian f****t,” which sparked a response from Zayn.

The man was then escorted from the arena. Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Zayn had cut a pro-Canada and anti-America promo before the match. This is what prompted the fan’s “Canadian f****t” comment. After Zayn confronted the fan for using the slur three times, the fan asked Zayn if he wanted to fight.

The fan used the slur again when referee Danilo Anfibio and security team member Keith Burgdoff came over to settle things down, and Zayn called him a “homophobic bitch,” before he was escorted from the arena.

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