More Shocking Details On The Balls Mahoney-New Jack Fight


Source: Pwinsider

As previously reported, there was a brief fight backstage between New Jack and Balls Mahoney at Extreme Rising. There had been legit heat between the two for a few months and while the exact reason for it beginning is unclear, a large bit of it was that Balls was upset over comments made about him by New Jack. Both men made it clear before the first Extreme Reunion show in April that if they saw each other, there would be an issue. They ended up having an argument on that show and got in each other’s faces, but they were seperated by Atlas Security and nothing got physical.

Then, the week before Extreme Rising, Balls Mahoney used the “N” word in reference to New Jack in an interview for a DVD release. The word was said to be repeated several times. When New Jack found out, he made it clear again that when he saw Balls, there was going to be an issue.

An hour before the show began, Mahoney arrived backstage and went into a room being used to dress in. New Jack was telling stories in the room to other guys and when Balls walked in, everyone went silent. Balls was shaking hands when New Jack attacked him, hitting him ten to fifteen times with hard shots. Balls went into a protective stance but didn’t go down and didn’t fight back. Some people there said that Balls took punches that would have knocked other people out. Jack then grabbed a machete (very large knife) but Atlas Security had been notified there was a fight in progress and had shown up by then and pulled the two apart before New Jack had a chance to use the knife.

Balls said that he had been given permission to use the word in the interview. He was busted open and swelling in his face and was placed in a room that was doubling as the company’s official office to dress. He dressed and remained there for the rest of the night.

The belief was that the issue had been settled at this point.

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