More Tweets From Roddy Piper, TNA Weekend Cards


— Roddy Piper has continued to tweet today about the WWE Legends house show that is planned for WWE Network, which included him claiming that he doesn’t like the idea and that he hasn’t signed to the show:

How can you put 8 seasoned guys living together…lets hear the name of the guy that’s going to control them week 2.5. Not Vince! No Man!

Telling you…things are going to get Very Real. Straight fact,I don’t like it..don’t tease me… don’t play with me…I bite, then bury!!!

WWE puts the right, or real wrong,8 H.O.F. in one house. Who’s going to tell Terry Funk he can’t leave. Dusty to shut up. THEY TAKE NO SH*T!

WWE show will break down to, ARE WE HUMAN OR ARE WE DANCERS!! It easily get phisical, some may get hurt permanately! But I HOPE NOT!

If @WWE does this live in house thing, I suggest SWAT!! 24/7..

Question, has the WWE announced my name? That’s new to me!!

Piper also said he hasn’t been asked to be in the Royal Rumble but has one more match in him:

@jomigirock I have not been asked to be in Royal Rumble. I tell u a secret, promise to keep it? I am going to do 1 more balls to wall match!

— TNA has announced the following lineup for Friday’s house show in Westbury, New York. The show will see the company team up with “Rock Can Roll” as part of a hunger drive:

TNA World Title Match: Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Hardy vs Bully Ray

James Storm vs. Kurt Angle

Gail Kim & Madison Rayne vs. Velvet Sky & Mickie James

X-Division Title Match: Jesse Sorensen vs Austin Aries

Crimson vs. Matt Morgan

Devon vs. Gunner (w/Ric Flair)

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