Mr. Anderson Defends Jeff Hardy, Lashley Bookings, Foley


— This is just a reminder that WZR Radio will NOT be airing tonight due to the live WWE SmackDown broadcast. The show will air LIVE tomorrow night (Wednesday) from 8-10EST. We hope to see you tomorrow!

— TNA star Mr. Anderson recently did an interview with the UK Sun’s Rob McNichol. During the interview, Anderson defended Jeff Hardy and his personal issues. “A guy like Jeff Hardy, regardless of what you think about him personally, is a tremendous entertainer. He loves this business and gives his all to this business. Everybody makes mistakes, everybody does stupid stuff. I’m not trying to make excuses for anybody, but when you’ve had the career that he’s had and done the things that he’s done, you’re bound to make mistakes. When you do make mistakes people are going to look at it with a magnifying glass and amplify it and make it bigger than it actually is. I think he’s done a great job of overcoming that and recognizing ‘I did this. This is my problem. How do I fix it so that I don’t do it again? How do I move forward?’ He’s done all those things. I have no judgments about Jeff Hardy other than the fact that he is a great performer and a hell of a guy”, Anderson said. You can listen to the full interview/podcast at

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— The following press release was sent out earlier today: Bobby Lashley, former WWE superstar and current Shark Fights Heavyweight Champion, is now accepting independent wrestling bookings and appearances for December into February of the new year. If promoters are interested in bringing in Bobby Lashley, email [email protected] Lashley is also working on a new official website that should be ready by 2012 and will feature news and information for both Bobby’s wrestling and MMA career. You can follow Lashley on Twitter @FightBobby.

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