Mr. Belding Talks WWE Status + RAW/Social Networking


— WWE RAW was the #2 most talked-about show on cable TV last night on social media. The show had an “activity score” of 158,704 for the runner-up spot, trailing ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars which easily won the night with 554,323 mentions. RAW’s approval rating on social media was 69%, which is about average for the show.

— Don Haskins, who played Mr. Belding on Saved By the Bell, recently spoke with the Miami Herald about appearing on Zack Ryder’s YouTube series. Haskins says that the Miz, who he’s known since Miz’s time on MTV reality shows, introduced him to Ryder and that people in WWE are trying to get the company to bring him in for a role on TV.

“I’m just really happy for Zack,” said Haskins. “He is a big fan of mine because he grew up watching the show (Saved by the Bell), which I’m thrilled about. That’s what made our connection work. He is really creative and industrious. Now people are pushing WWE to do something with me.”

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