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News​Mr. T. Discusses His Current Relationship With Hulk Hogan, His WrestleMania Moments,...

​Mr. T. Discusses His Current Relationship With Hulk Hogan, His WrestleMania Moments, More



During a recent appearance on Ring Rust Radio, Mr. T discussed his current relationship with Hulk Hogan, competing in another WrestleMania match, his WrestleMania career highlight and more. You can check out some highlights below:

Following The Scandal Over Racist Comments, is he Still Cool With Hulk Hogan?: I don’t have a problem with Hulk Hogan. People say things and do things, and who am I to judge? I am a Christian and the bible teaches me to forgive. So what am I going to say? The man did something wrong. The whole operation with how it happened was bad with him being filmed and everything. I’m mad at his buddy. Hulk loved the guy and he betrayed him, but that is life. Judas betrayed Jesus. Lady Red betrayed John Dillinger. Those things happen. If Hulk Hogan called me I would talk to him. I wouldn’t cut him off for what he did. I haven’t lost any respect for him. Everybody has done something that we wish we didn’t say or do and wish we could take it back. He is still cool with me.

Would He Like Another WrestleMania Moment?: No, I have been there and done that. It was fun the time I did have with them. I was honored that they thought enough of me to put me in the Hall of Fame. I was thankful they gave me the chance to talk about the man behind the guy with the gold and the Mohawk. I was very honored by that. My time has come and gone with them. Wrestling is a young man’s sport. I was honored when they invited me to be a part of it in 1985 and it was fun. I was a high school champion wrestler back in my day, so this was up my alley. I liked to get in there and get thrown around and do some throwing around, getting a little roughed up, so it was good for me. I do like watching it now, and I would rather just leave it at that and watch it now.

Was he Ever Planned to be a Part of WrestleMania 3?: Not at the time. After WrestleMania 2, I would be a special referee in some matches. Then if guys got out of hand I could mix it up with them. I really did like the time I spent with the wrestlers like Junkyard Dog, Macho Man, Nikolai Volkoff and Hillbilly Jim. They were such a great group of guys.

On Negative Locker Room Reaction to His WrestleMania Appearances: It was understandable because at the time they didn’t know I used to wrestle, box and hold my own. I wasn’t a guy coming in there to make a mockery of wrestling. I came to get down. I know what a headlock is. My favorite pin is the ball and socket, and once I grabbed a guy I knew what I could do to them. I knew how to choke a guy and make him scream legitimately. I really knew my way around the ropes. Once they found out I could hold my own, it was OK to give me some respect. I didn’t just earn it by coming in to the WWF. It was understandable that they wrestlers back then thought I was coming in as someone from Hollywood and was going to make fun of them. No, that wasn’t it at all. I didn’t mind them being skeptical, I just wanted to be able to prove myself to them. Some accepted and some didn’t and that’s OK. Vince McMahon called me in so it didn’t matter if they loved me or hated me. They didn’t sign my checks.

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