Multiple Media Outlets Covering JBL’s Bullying – Mauro Ranallo Leaving WWE Due To JBL’s Bullying?


As we’ve been reporting here on eWn, the well-known issues regarding JBL and his reputation of bullying and harassing other WWE officials and Superstars have been referenced in numerous media articles this weekend after Justin Roberts and others called him out. There were also reports saying that tensions between JBL and SmackDown Live! announcer Mauro Ranallo lead to Ranallo missing numerous SmackDown Live! broadcasts as well as WrestleMania 33. According to one report, Ranallo is not expected to return to WWE television and will be leaving the company when his contract expires later this year in August.

Former WWE announcer Justin Roberts also claimed in his new book that JBL once stole his passport and that this behavior was encouraged by Vince McMahon and WWE higher-ups. JBL has denied he was the one who stole Roberts’ passport.

As of now, CBS Sports, Deadspin, in Pennsylvania and Forbes have all posted articles on the controversy. The Forbes article didn’t really add anything to the original story, but it did point out WWE’s strong promotions for anti-bullying efforts with WWE’s Be a STAR campaign, saying, “WWE’s Be a STAR campaign is a staple of its community outreach as WWE Superstars lead anti-bullying rallies across the country.”

Justin Roberts also posted the following excerpt from his new book, discussing the culture of bullying in WWE and the pro wrestling industry as a whole:

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