Multiple WWE NXT Superstars Reportedly Missing Due To Visa Issues


Several NXT stars have been missing from programming in recent weeks, reportedly due to issues with visas.

In NXT, British stable Gallus has been suspended from the show, while both Axiom and Ilja Dragunov have been written off with storyline injuries.


While speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed why some notable names have been absent from TV.

“They’re either injured, which actually is a code word for getting their visas worked on in some cases. And suspended, which is also a code word for getting their visas worked on.”

Gallus’ most recent match came over two months ago on the September 14th episode of NXT, while Axiom last wrestled on the November 8th episode.

Dragunov’s most recent bout saw him compete against JD McDonagh on the October 25th episode in a losing effort.

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