Murphy Talks Why He Wants To Be The Next Seth Rollins


Murphy discussed wanting to be the next Seth Rollins during a recent interview on WWE After The Bell with Corey Graves.

Here is what he had to say: 

Murphy on learning from Seth Rollins: “So what’s happening in the recent weeks, it’s bittersweet. It’s so cool to work with him in-ring and to be in the ring with someone of his caliber…I learn so much being by his side, I get to be there in the backstage – it’s like I had to give up one for the other in a way. But man, working with Seth, I’ve had good matches and I feel like I’m a wrestler’s wrestler – I had my 205 matches and feel like I killed it every time I was out there. But then when I went to SmackDown, got lost in the shuffle, accidentally in the background, wrestled Roman, killed that. Wrestled Bryan the week after, killed that. Wrestled Ali the week after that, killed that, and then off TV. What’s going on? I felt like I have two of the best matches of the year back-to-back and then I’m not seen again. Then Paul Heyman wanted me on RAW – much respect to Paul, he pulled me aside and he said some real kind words to me. He wanted me to come to RAW, and I said I want to put my best foot forward. So, I get drafted from SmackDown to RAW last year and I go straight into a program with Aleister, and I wrestled Aleister in NXT, and we killed it.

“So to go full circle and go back to Aleister….we go into the third and final and he beats me three matches clean, and then I’m broken. And then Seth picks me up and takes me into the club. So, I had those matches in all these killer spots, but I was most relevant when Seth picked me up and joined his faction. Just being the second generation of Seth was awesome. I knew my role – I know it’s based around him and I’m there to take the strain off him. He’s killed himself for however long at live events – let me do it. You do your part, you need me in there? I’m happy to take some load off of you. I feel like I try to do that a lot for him because of what I’ve taken from him over time. All the knowledge and staying by his side and getting some popularity as I try to give back to him. I knew that what he had done for me, and by taking me under his wing in this thing – I don’t know if he 100 percent wanted me or whatnot, but he took me in. So, I had to give back…..he’s made me the most relevant I’ve ever been and coming back to what we’ve done the past couple of weeks, he’s changed my game. I feel like I’m a good wrestler, but when it comes to stories, I feel like he’s on another level.”

On wanting to be the next Rollins: “I feel like when this is done, wearing the Seth gear – the character and myself are very similar as in that I want to be the next him. He’s done so much. You go back to his interviews over the years, he doesn’t want to be one of the best – he wants to be the best. Well, so do I. I think the story is real. I wanna be the second coming of Seth.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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