Must-Read Dixie Carter Q&A – CM Punk, Six-Sided Ring, More


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#AskDixie If you had a dollar for every time someone said you were going out of business or were for sale, could you buy WWE?

Dixie: I wish I did have a dollar for every time I heard that.

What is your thoughts on Austin Aries run so far in TNA?

Dixie: After the main event I just saw, I am a lot happier right now.

How do you like Austin Aries’ ring attire, Dixie? I am surprised Spud let this happen.

Dixie: No comment. :0

thank you dixie for streaming with all of us.. Its so great to stay connected with Impact and all the fans.. you are all truly talented and very humble!

Dixie: Thanks darlin. That’s what I have been trying to tell everyone!!!!! 🙂

What is like working with JB, Jeremy Borash?

Dixie: Since he is hosting this, I better say awesome, huh? I would say it regardless. A true professional who lives and breathes TNA.

Are there any wrestling moves that’s not allowed in tna?

Dixie: Chair shots to the head…and yes, others too.

Will TNA ever have an X-Division only show on Spike?

Dixie: We have had the Destination X special on Spike before.

Are Amarillo or Lubbock on the “tour radar”?

Dixie: Yes sir. Love my Lone Star state.

What was it like meeting Keiji Mutoh aka The Great Muta for the first time?

Dixie: Come to Fan Interaction in Miami, meet him…and you tell me…. We will compare notes.

Does it make you roll your eyes when wrestling scribes attribute TNA’s strong ratings recently to the COPS lead-in?

Dixie: I haven’t heard that. We have had numerous high viewership lead-ins in the past. Most prove that we have a turn over audience…meaning we bring in a new audience.

How happy are you with ratings on spike and what can be done to improve on them

Dixie: Very happy with the current trend and especially with the record +3 and +7 ratings we are having (which is what we are judged on).

Any plans for some Rockstar Spud merchandise somewhere down the line?

Dixie: Spud, did you write this?? You know we are printing your new shirt now!!!!

All the rumors about TNA being sold got a bit out of hand . How sure are you that TNA will be here in another 10 years?

Dixie: As sure as I was 12 years ago…. and obviously much more. 12 years ago we only dreamed about the kind of success we are having today.

Hey Dixie do you think that austin Aries should defend the x division title tonight

Dixie: I think he has another assignment tonight.

#AskDixie Will TNA ever do an entire Canadian tour?

Dixie: Working on it.

After the success of the new signings, are TNA now focused on developing new talent for a new TNA? #askdixie

Dixie: We have NEVER had as many new talent dominate our TV show since the first days when we started. Very proud of these talented young guys. They are really stepping up and standing out. Would you agree?

Will we see a tournament to crown a new TV title, maybe on a one night only ppv? #ask dixie

Dixie: No plan at the moment

After the UK tour, will be seeing the UK see more than just one tour a year? #askdixie

Dixie: We are discussing a secondary tour. I am very in favor of it.

Thoughts on Vince Russo?

Dixie: Very talented writer.

Scariest moment in tna history? #AskDixie

Dixie: So many….

Will Jay Lethal return to TNA soon?

Dixie: He is signed to ROH

What is your favorite pay-per-view that happens every year

Dixie: Depends. Bound For Glory and Lockdown always are great, but Slammiversary (especially in Dallas) was a favorite.

Madam Dixie – How do you feel about the current Knockouts division & your thoughts on the European talent? #AskDixie

Dixie: KO Division about to get a shakeup. Hope the girls are ready. Several great European talent out there.

dixie have you chose you team for lockdown

Dixie: That is what Bobby is doing in LONDON on IMPACT tonight. I trust him to pick the right guys.

Who do you think is going to win in that match between bobby roode and MVP?

Dixie: Bobby all the way

Will TNA ever do an across Canada tour? I live in Nova, Scotia, Canada and I’d love to see TNA live! –

Dixie: Planning a Canadian tour now.

What sports do you follow?

Dixie: Football, football and football. Love and watch all sports, but that is my favorite….besides IMPACT OF COURSE.

Will you bring back gut check Challenge?

Dixie: We are discussing internally the best way to bring it back.

Who’s your biggest inspiration?

Dixie: My parents, husband and children…

Can you tell me if you would be considering bringing awesome Kong back to TNA.. Also thanks for bringingTNA live show to Glasgow it was a brilliant night for my son and I. We look forward to Glasgow 2015.

Dixie: Glasgow rocked. Glad you guys had fun, and I’m sure you were cheering me….right??? No plans to bring Kong back at this time.

Looking forward to Tigre Uno coming in, seen some stuff of his in AAA, is this the start of rebuilding the X Division somewhat?

Dixie: Si senor!

Any chance we will see a TNA mobile app soon?

Dixie: Not planning one at this time.

How will the WWE Network effect wrestling? USA network is dropping WWE so if TNA got on that channel they would sky rocket 😉

Dixie: Not sure that is how things will play out for them. Time will tell.

Will you be at the Lockdown Fan Interaction yourself, Dixie?

Dixie: Would not miss it. Gotta love on #TeamDixie

Disneyworld or Universal Studios?


Do you think TNA has an identity problem with calling itself both TNA and Impact Wrestling? Seems like two different companies and can confused the casual viewer.

Dixie: TNA is our company. Impact is our show. Xplosion is our show, etc. Easier in other parts of the world where we have multiple shows on TV.

Thoughts on CM Punk?

Dixie: Awesome talent.

What do you think about the work that Christy Hemme has done in TNA?

Dixie: Love her work in front of the camera and she is doing a fabulous job behind the scenes working on the KO division and other things.

When will TNA come back to Wichita Falls Texas a friend of mine is asking

Dixie: I will be back in the area for Easter!!!! TNA…I’m not sure…. Watch the website.

When will we be seeing Santana Garrett debut in TNA?

Dixie: You will have to tune in.

Will there be any new KO faces in addition to Lei’D Tapa and Alpha Female?

Dixie: YES…….And very soon.


Dixie: I wish him nothing but happiness….

Beer Money or AMW?

Dixie: BEER MONEY!!!!!!!!

The X Division really helped put TNA on the map, I feel over the past two years its become sidelined. Any plans to take the division forward over the next year?

Dixie: Agree with you. Several new talent being added and returning to the division. Hopefully you will write me back saying how much you love it.

Are there any plans to have a third announcer at the broadcast table again?

Dixie: No plans at this time.

Will the The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero every return to TNA?

Dixie: Love the Pope, but no plans at this time.

Why do you think tna has so much negativity surrounding it ?

Dixie: There is so much positivity, and great reason for it. Negativity is something I do not have time for.

Kurt Angle is a legend. Will he be back for Lockdown?

Dixie: That’s the plan. The biggest match of my nephew’s career.

Will TNA do any more Impact’s on the road his year or will you tape them all in Orlando?

Dixie: Ahh darlin…… We will be both on the road and in Orlando.

ROH and WWE have both been to Providence, RI. Can you bring TNA sometime too?

Dixie: Absolutely need to play there.

Any plans on doing an outdoor impact like wcw did with spring break?

Dixie: Not at this time.

Do you remember when Elix Skipper walked the steel cage?

Dixie: My heart almost stopped. I was standing on the floor looking up at him. I was not happy about it at the time, but one of the greatest single moments in our history…. CRAZY

Will you come back to Paris in the future ? It’s been years since last time

Dixie: Yes, working with promoters on planning a show. Ratings have been very strong there. Merci!!

You mentoined Knockouts getting a shakeup soon. Any plans for a possible Alissa Flash return? What about a Jessie McKay?

Dixie: Not at this time.

What is your greatest accomplishment and your greatest mistake in regards to TNA?”

Dixie: Greatest accomplishment is the amazing growth TNA has experienced. Mistake….being too loyal.

What do yout thoughts about the haters?

Dixie: People don’t have all the info. Taking the high road in life can be tough, but it’s the only way I roll.

What’s the current status of Eric Bischoff and TNA Wrestling?

Dixie: BHE Exec produces our show

Can we please give Christopher Daniels a World title match

Dixie: He has to earn it….

Can u give an update on abyss

Dixie: Abyss is having some serious issues he is dealing with. The coming weeks will be interesting to see how he deals with his new discoveries.

Is Great Muta actually wrestling at Lockdown or just appearing?

Dixie: He has been announced for attending our Fan Interaction. You will have to stay tuned for more updates.

Will we see a Super X Cup soon?

Dixie: World X Cup? Taping a PPV in Japan this weekend.

Will we be seeing Impact Wrestling coming to San Diego again in the near future?

Dixie: Probably not for a while. Really enjoyed the show there.

And advice for a wrestling writer/blogger in how to get noticed in the business?

Dixie: Talk good about TNA!! I will notice you!! 🙂 Apply for our Content Manager position.

Are we going to see more of people like Sonjay Dutt and Petey Williams going forward? They were great last year.

Dixie: Several former faces will be making a return.

Can you share with us what happened in NY today?

Dixie: Tune in to Lockdown! Oops, did I just give it away??

If you can see this, I first want to THANK YOU for everything you’ve done for TNA! How did you get into the industry?

Dixie: Thank YOU. Started working with TNA months before it launched.

What are your thoughts on tonights match with MVP vs. BOBBY RUDE

Dixie: It’s ROODE. And Bobby will dominate MVP.

What are your thoughts on Raven’s impact on TNA in the early years?

Dixie: That was a huge part of our early years. Very talented.

Do you have any political aspirations? I think you would make a great senator or governor of

Dixie: Texas needs a Governor

Can you please bring Slammiversarry to NY?

Dixie: Announcing the location next week.

What’s you favorite movie??

Dixie: So many. Braveheart, Gone With The Wind, Sweet Home Alabama……….. Can’t think right now.

So is Universal Studios TNA’s main home/hub from now on?

Dixie: We will be filming several shows there in 2014, but we will be traveling the show as well.

What are your thoughts on bully ray’s actions the last few months?

Dixie: He needs to see a therapist. I know the perfect one.

What are you doing in NY?? booking shows?

Dixie: NOPE……

Do you regret inducting Kurt Angle into the TNA HOF knowing he has been going around practically and publically begging to go back to that other company??

Dixie: Are you kidding? Kurt helped change the landscape for our company. Very deserving.

Dixie are you going to answer the question’s that I have asked or are you skiping my question’s comment’s for a reason? Like you just don’t care or you don’t understand what I am asking or commenting.I would like a reply or are you just to good to answer someone that is a TRUE fan

Dixie: If you want to include a question I am happy to answer darlin.

What did you think of the Daytona 500 Dixie

Dixie: Loved it. I was lucky enough to be on Dale Sr’s bus in the middle of the track at Daytona a few years before he died watching Dale Jr race on Saturday. He would radio tips to Jr. So I loved seeing him win. I know his daddy is smiling.

Who’s your favorite musical artist or band? who do you listen to?

Dixie: Listening to lots of pop music with my kids right now. Serg and I prefer country music, but we listen to it all.

New York????????????? Does this mean what I think it means?

Dixie: What do you think it means?

Are there any plans to have any future Impacts or a PPV in any of the Canadian markets?

Dixie: A tour is being planned now. No PPV or Impact at this time, but we will in the future.

Will you ever bring back the Knockout’s Tag Team Titles. Those titles were a good part of the Knockout division.

Dixie: A possibility. The KO division is about to get a shake up.

Will there be in the future a action figure for Madison Rayn and ODB?

Dixie: will announce and have all the figures.

Will there ever be a tna vs wwe ppv

Dixie: I’m game…

Is there ever a chance of TNA doing a house show at the Cobb County Civic Center in Georgia. Tons of wrestling history in that building with NWA, WCW, and even a ECW PPV

Dixie: Always a chance we will play there.

Will the elevation x match ever return

Dixie: I’m sure at some point.

How bad do you want to come back to Arlington? Home of the best TNA fans

Dixie: You have no idea…….but you will soon.

Please…a PPV in Chicago! One of the best wrestling cities in the world!

Dixie: Agree

Any chance for an Ultimate X match soon?

Dixie: Pretty soon.

Is Santana Garrett signed to TNA?

Dixie: You will have to tune in.

Will there be any plans to come back to Chicago? I missed it last time for the first Impact Tour.

Dixie: That was a GREAT show, great crowd… We need to bring a PPV or Impact back there.

Can we see Roderick Strong back with TNA soon?

Dixie: No plans as of now. He is a talent though.

Are there any plans to do another Knockouts PPV special this year?

Dixie: I think so.

What do you say to critics questioning the long-term viability of TNA?

Dixie: I quit answering them about 10 years ago….

If you had to describe working with Jim Cornette in one word what would it be?

Dixie: My mind just went blank.

The 365 concept seems like just the tip of the iceberg. Any plans on further exploring the concept so that we can see what these guys and girls are like on the road?

Dixie: We have just begun to scratch the surface. Taking it to another level in 2014.

Will we be seeing The Great Muta, Seiya Sanada, KAI, or any other Wrestle-1 wrestlers on Impact?

Dixie: You will have to tune in….And don’t miss a show…

Is there any interest in hiring International Talent at the moment?

Dixie: Several top international stars are joining our roster. Stay tuned. One will be unveiled tonight.

Does TNA still have working agreements/relationships with OVW, AAA, and Wrestle-1?

Dixie: yes, each on different levels.

If you had one WWE superstar you could sign tonight, who would it be?

Dixie: I am very happy with our roster.

TNA has been around for 12 years, and alot of talent left during that time. So what is your opinion of past wrestlers saying negative things towards your company?

Dixie: Unfortunately, that seems to be more common than not.

Will Bellator stars King Mo or Rampage Jackson be returning to Impact Wrestling anytime soon?

Dixie: Both will be begin training again for wrestling after their fight tomorrow.

Do you have a favorite match from the 10+ year history of TNA?

Dixie: so many. hard to pick.

Any new talent coming soon?

Dixie: Yes. New faces and some former TNA faces returning.

Why have you neglected the great wrestling city of Toronto? ROH draws well there. I seems like you’re really missing the boat there

Dixie: I agree. We are talking about a Canadian tour very soon. Would have to include Toronto. Great wrestling city.

Will we see Ricochet in TNA soon?

Dixie: Not that I am aware of.

Do you have comments about rumors of Jeff Jarrett and Toby Keith buying TNA wrestling?

Dixie: Not going to happen.

Anything you have to say about AJ Styles?

Dixie: He made a mistake.

Have you ever read wrestling news sites such as Wrestlinginc, PWinsider or wrestling forums such as WrestlingForum to see what fans think about the current product?

Dixie: That is usually the opinion of people who write for those sites. I listen all the time to people who talk to me directly on Twitter, Facebook and in person at events.

Any chance to have the Impact to be broadcast here again in the Philippines? so fed up of seeing only the E here! The whole republic dig TNA!

Dixie: I’m not sure the status. Will check on that specifically tomorrow.

Thank you for having TNA live events across the country. I went to my first TNA event in Huntington, WV last Friday and it was amazing.

Dixie: Glad to hear that. Very proud of our live events and excited about the big changes we are making to the experience.

Will we see The Wolves vs Bad Influence again? Hopefully a longer match on TV or PPV?

Dixie: Probably…. They are very good together and want to work against each other.

How come TNA HOF only inducted one person instead group of people

Dixie: Being a young company, one a year is the perfect number.

Who do u think will win the match between Samoa Joe and Magnus

Dixie: Magnus

What about all the negative press about the wrestlers not getting paid

Dixie: Interesting how that all came out when we released talent.

When will the Slammiversary location be announced?

Dixie: Next week.

As a Sting fan I’d just like to say thanks for bringing him in when you did and for allowing him to give us some of his best work.

Dixie: I agree. I think he did a fantastic job. No secret I have been a Sting fan.

Will you bring Chris Hero to TNA soon?

Dixie: No plans I am aware of.

Are there any plans to bring back Brooke Tessmacher & Taryn Terrell?

Dixie: Brooke is currently with us. Taryn is about to become a mom.

Any update on your long term relationship with Spike TV?

Dixie: They are great partners. Meetings happening re:several TNA programs.

Do have anything on hiring the recently free agent “Best in the World” CM punk?

Dixie: Don’t have anything on that.

Who Was Your Favorite Wrestler To Watch Growing Up

Dixie: Von Erichs and Hulk

Have you guys considered bringing back the Young Bucks (Generation Me)?

Dixie: No discussions about that.

Who do you think is the best wrestler on the TNA Roster?

Dixie: That’s like asking who is your favorite child….. We have the best wrestlers in the world on one roster.

When is Kenny King coming back??…

Dixie: You better stay tuned…….

I realize this may be a sensitive topic but can you please comment on the rumors about Sting signing with the WWE? Thanks

Dixie: Haven’t heard anything about that for real. Wish Sting would get back on #TeamDixie. We have a great, long successful history together.

Any chance to come to Connecticut?

Dixie: I would guess we will be back in CT in 2014. Stay tuned to our website. BIG, very exciting changes at our live events. Love our FREE Fist Pumping Pre-Show Party we started an hour before our shows start. Hosted by Rockstar Spud and DJ Z

Are there any plans for TNA coming to Portugal?

Dixie: We have been discussing with promoters there. Hopefully soon.

Will there be an X-Division match at Lockdown?

Dixie: yes

Who do you think is the most underrated star on the TNA roster?

Dixie: Bromans

What is like being the president of a wrestling company, a business that is considered a man sport?

Dixie: BLESSED. The best job in the world. Love being the only woman in a room full of men.

How’d you get into the wrestling business??

Dixie: Booked some wrestling in college, but didn’t get back involved until I started with TNA months before it launched in 2002.

I really enjoy the “new dimensions” to the wrestlers; imo, I truly feel that it makes them seem more like real people, which I think is hard to come by in the mainstream. Too late for the “other company” to take notes–they’re too full of themselves with plastering themselves on EVERY media possible (like their new “WWE Network”) *sarcasm*

Dixie: I LOVE seeing a greater depth to these talented wrestlers. Makes me want to watch their matches more..

I have been with TNA from day one, since I saw that first commercial on RAW. Why does it seem like you are trying to bury the company I love so dearly?

Dixie: Buring TNA??? Why do you say that? What do you not like about TNA? No one will like every single thing we are doing. Hopefully you like more than you don’t.

When is the next time you’ll be touring our home state of Texas?

Dixie: Working on an announcement soon…..VERY SOON…

Where do you feel the X-Division stands right now as apart of TNA’s overall presentation? Do you feel the division has room to grow and be an even larger presence within Impact Wrestling?

Dixie: Yes, room to grow. Stay tuned. That growth starts unfolding tonight.

What are your Resolutions for 2014? Is there a Chance that we People in Europe can watch Impact! Live? Nice Greets from a big Fan from Austria!

Dixie: LOVE Austria!!!! That is always a network decision!!! Please contact your local network and tell them.

Are we going to see some new tag teams from around the world in TNA soon?

Dixie: New stars from around the world set to join us soon.

Is an Australian tour still on the agenda?

Dixie: You have no idea how bad I want to do this. We will make this work, hopefully sooner than later.

Can we expect more involvement by the X-Division? I really miss seeing those intense matches every week.

Dixie: Yes, several new faces and some others returning. Exciting things planned. One will be revealed tonight.

Thanks for keeping TNA, Impact Wrestling alive, now what’s it gonna take to get you off my TV?

Dixie: Are you serious?? Well you better tune in tonight then!! 🙂

If you could bring back any former TNA wrestler, who would it be.

Dixie: I was always a big Christian Cage fan.

Can we please have our six sided ring back?

Dixie: hmmmmmm.

Are you talk with any tv stations like Spike to bring Xplosion to the North American market?

Dixie: Yes, and international expansion as well.

How do you determine how much time is used for talking on tv and how much is used for wrestling matches? Critics often say there isn’t enough wrestling action.

Dixie: Our wrestling has always been the best out there. We are focusing on building characters…and the stories also play out in the ring…. Love the new dimensions to our talent.

There is talk of a new wrestling promotion by a former business partner of yours. So how are you going to compete with this new wrestling company? Finally would you see this new promotion as competition?

Dixie: I only compete with things that are real. And I take that very seriously.

What is your opinion on Hulk promoting the other company so much in the past few days? Because when he was with TNA he always failed to mention the product on major tv shows.

Dixie: No comment on that specifically. Look, I love red and yellow, it’s just not my color this season.

When will Alex Shelley return to TNA?

Dixie: In wrestling you never know. He is a talent.

Is it fun playing a heel carter and when will tna come back to califorina and thank for singing my dixieland shirt

Dixie: Thanks for buying my shirt darlin!! Heel? I am not a heel. But it is fun to be able to call things like they are vs try and watch every word. Hope to be back to Cali soon!

Who do you think will be TNA Heavyweight Champion 2 years from now ?

Dixie: EC3 no doubt. I know I am biased, but he is a STAR.

Willow The Wisp is coming what do think of him

Dixie: I am still not sure what to think about it. You?

Any chance on coming too new york for a ppv.

Dixie: Yes.

Any plans for a Knockout’s calendar? The Knockouts are the most beautiful women in the world and the calendar’s would sell very well.

Dixie: There was one this year. It is unreal. Still available on

If you do keep control of tna i was wondering if you would bring back jeff jarrett and aj styles

Dixie: Who?

How do you respond to your critics who say that your threatened by the arrival of mvp. Personally im on team dixie. But how do you plan to prove the critics wrong

Dixie: I don’t respect people who like to jump in and take advantage of years of other people’s hard work. I prove people wrong by continuing to grow this great company.

Is TNA looking to expand its X division roster and give a better focus on the x division title?

Dixie: YES!!! Several new faces coming soon and others will return. Looking forward to it!

Are you going to be interacting with the fans next Saturday?

Dixie: I wouldn’t miss it darlin. My favorite thing to see is say thanks to #TeamDixie

Any word on a new TNA video game?

Dixie: Would love to have one. Working on something right now.

I’m so excited about the show tonight #TeamDxie

Dixie: I am watching and typing. It will be a great show. Wish I could be there, but certain business took precedent.

What are you going to do once MVP beats your team and he takes control of TNA?

Dixie: Not going to happen. My meetings today have me confident that this is a non-issue.

So what is your plan tonight to try and screw mvp from winning

Dixie: Screw??? I am a businesswoman. I have a plan and a strategy that will take care of him. That’s why I am in New York right now. No worries.

Why isn’t Jeremy on play by play instead of Taz

Dixie: He did play-by-play on the Glasgow shows and did great. He will announce from time-to-time. He’s great.

If vinny mac offered to buy TNA would you sell?

Dixie: Maybe we buy WWE?

Can we expect more new faces in the Knockout division soon? It needs them badly. #SignNewKnockouts #Shanna4TNA

Dixie: Some of the boys may be upset with me, just wait until some changes coming for the KO’s!!!

Hope impact is a good one tonight can’t wait till that fool magnus isn’t champion anymore

Dixie: Excuse you darlin? Magnus truly is a great champ and perfect representative for our company.

What’s the toughest part of being the tna president?

Dixie: It’s an amazing job. But folks like MVP and others want to just step in and take part of it. That’s not cool.

I have a idea for a match that maybbe done by tna but Why don’t you do a divas last man standing match for the divas title

Dixie: Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell did one last year and tore it up. Time for another?

Are you looking forward to Kurt angle’s TNA hall of fame induction?

Dixie: I am very happy for Kurt. He is deserving. Helped TNA get to where we are today and has been a huge part of our success.

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