MUST-READ REPORT: Triple H ‘Livid’ Over CM Punk’s Shoot – Who’s Happy?, Who’s Pissed?, More


While a previous report stated that there has been a mixed
reaction to CM Punk’s interview with Colt Cabana on the Art of Wrestling
podcast, another source reports that just about everyone in the company who
listened to it–which is pretty much everyone from management and main roster to
NXT–thought it was great. The source claims that while Punk had a lot of enemies
backstage–particularly at the end due to his attitude–even his detractors are
reportedly pleased that some of the details he provided have finally surfaced.
It was noted that many people backstage are afraid to discuss their issues with
management and while they don’t like him or want him back, they are glad that
these details have been revealed to the public by a top guy who has worked
there. Several talents have gone on record as saying that almost everything he
said is absolutely true. One wrestler referred to the WWE locker-room as “sort
of like a high school” with the amount of drama, backstabbing and politics that
are involved. This has been going on for years but nobody talks about it as they
know exactly what would happen to them if they did.

To no one’s surprise, the McMahons are not pleased about it.
According to one top member of management, Vince McMahon is “upset but not
fuming” and is simply upset that the whole CM Punk departure went down the way
it did. Triple H, on the other hand, is furious. Brian Alvarez noted that one
source told him, “‘Triple H wants to kill Punk’ was the exact text
message…Hunter and Stephanie have such an abject hatred for CM Punk.”

It was noted that Ryback isn’t happy, which is the least
surprising news to come out of this considering his Twitter reaction over the
weekend where he called Punk “fragile and insecure.”

WWE management is also very displeased with Cabana and he is
obviously not likely to ever receive a call back from the company. It was also
noted that if Steve Austin asks Vince McMahon about the interview during the
live edition of his podcast on Monday, that McMahon will not discuss it in
depth; he’ll give a very corporate-style response and quickly move on.

For those who haven’t heard the podcast, it’s a
MUST-LISTEN that you can check out below:

ORIGINAL: As you’d likely expect, the backstage
reactions to CM Punk’s podcast with Colt Cabana have been mixed. Those who
didn’t like Punk tended to criticize him while those who were close to him
supported him. Those in the middle were positive about the main issues Punk
brought up, like the booking, communication in the company, and the unsettled
matter of how PPV bonuses will be paid now that the WWE Network is in the

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