MUST READ: Scott Hall Is Trying Hard …. For All Of You


As noted late last night here on the website, DDP has posted an update on Scott Hall, saying that Hall has been sober for forty days now but needs to raise $80,000 to pay for his hip replacement surgery, physical therapy, dental work and his other medical expenses. DDP says that, similar to Jake Roberts has, he believes that Hall’s health can improve and has promised to manage any donated money. Scott currently has no health insurance which makes these medical bills insanely high.

You can (and should if you have a few extra dollars) contribute via IndieGoGo at this link. As noted, DDP is managing all of the money that is taken in. Scotty really needs this guys. Say what you want about his past but the guy is currently on the right path and has the guidance of DDP and others now. He deserves this and I’d urge you to donate if you’ve got anything to spare …. even if it’s $10.

It should be noted that the “mansion” he owned was recently foreclosed by the bank so he no longer owns it and can’t make anything from it. As I noted on my Facebook page, it is unreal to see some of the comments on the Hall post(s). Don’t want to donate? …. simply don’t as that is your choice and nobody is forcing you to do so. With that being said, please don’t bitch and moan at the people who do have a heart and want to help out. We’ll be re-posting this article several times throughout the next week or so and I’m sure I’ll take some “heat” for it. The bottom line is this – addiction is a powerful disease and he’s currently on the right path with DDP. The truth is Scott doesn’t want to ask for your help as he says in the video below. Anyone who knows him will tell you that same exact thing. Lots of people don’t seem to understand the power of addiction … or have a heart .. and they are likely the ones posting unnecessary comments. It’s easy to knock a man when he’s down. Simply ignore them guys. The past is the past and right now he’s got the right people around him and is currently 41 days sober. That’s a big accomplishment and gets a HUGE congratulations from all of us here on the website. If anything, you’ve got to give him credit for that and for trying to better his life.

Once again, you can donate money to Scott by clicking here.

Scott tweeted the following today: Just saw whats happening on indiegogo. Speechless. Thanks

He also tweeted the following to his best friend Kevin Nash: Big Kev Im actually on the computer from Dally’s house in Atlanta.Love Scott

If that’s not enough, please view the following new video from Scott where he thanks all of you and is trying his hardest for all of you guys:

Get well soon Scott …. we’re all rooting for you bro!

We’ll allow comments below as all of you guys are entitled to your opinions … just keep them clean, cool? The other thread was getting out of hand so we removed ALL comments. Nothing personal … was just getting a little crazy there for awhile. Thanks to all of you for your continued support of I respect the hell outta’ you guys and can’t thank you enough. The comments section is a great way to meet new people and talk about something we all love – pro wrestling. Have a great weekend!

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