MUST-SEE VIDEO: Tammy ‘Sunny’ Sytch In Court Today


WFSB reports that Tammy “Sunny” Sytch is heading back to rehab after she attacked her boyfriend. The article notes that Sytch was released into her sister’s custody after appearing in court today and heading to a treatment facility in New Jersey. WWE is expected to pay for the rehab. Check out video of Sytch in court below:

WFSB Channel 3

As noted earlier, former WWE performer Tammy Sytch, famously known as Sunny, is entering a rehabilitation center again after being arrested three consecutive days this week in Connecticut for crimes related to domestic violence.

According to WFSB Channel 3 in Connecticut, Sytch kept returning to her boyfriend’s home after police ordered her not to. During one of the incidents, she placed him in a headlock and pulled his hair. Later, she was intoxicated and entered the residence by climbing through a window.

According to Branford Police, the 39-year-old was first arrested for disorderly conduct on Tuesday at 8:55 p.m. She was released on $500 bond and appeared in New Haven Superior Court on those charges.

Sytch was arrested again on Wednesday at 4:49 p.m. for disorderly conduct and strangulation for an incident involving the same man. She was also charged with violating a restraining order. She was arraigned that day at Superior Court in New Haven and released on $25,000 bond.

Sytch was arrested on Thursday 8:00 p.m. for once again violating a restraining order. She was released on $2,500 bond and appeared at Superior Court in New Haven Friday.

Sytch was released into the care of her sister, who was taking her to a rehabilitation center in New Jersey. The website notes that WWE is expected to pay for her medical care.

“There’s a bed waiting for her today,” said Sytch’s sister, Denise Stone in court Friday.

According to sources, the incidents occurred at the home of independent wrestler Damien Darling, who is, or at least was as of earlier this week, Sytch’s boyfriend. She had recently moved to his house in Branford, Connecticut. The chain of events began with a major argument between the two.

This will mark as at least Sytch’s fourth stint in rehab-WWE stated to that they had sponsored her on three occasions. The legendary Diva was admitted to an emergency room on July 13 for consuming a large amount of vodka and subsequently entered rehab a few days later. She claimed sobriety after completing the program in August.

WWE released a statement to Friday afternoon concerning the Hall of Famer’s multiple run-ins with the law since she recently checked into a rehabilitation program at their expense.

Their statement reads, “As part of WWE’s Former Talent Program, we sent Ms. Sytch to rehabilitation three times, with all costs covered by WWE.”

“Unfortunately, Ms. Sytch continues to make poor personal choices. WWE will continue to provide assistance should she want to take advantage of it.”

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