Mustafa Ali Fires Back At Fan Suggesting He Should Develop “A Personality”


Mustafa Ali, who is still under contract with WWE despite him publicly asking for his release from the company, is staying active on social media.

He had an interesting exchange with a fan on Twitter after sharing videos of him training. The fan noted that Ali should focus more on personality, character, and becoming a WWE star then working in the ring.

Ali responded to give an explanation as to why he shares the training videos:

“I appreciate the kind tone of your suggestion. Please allow me to share mine,” Ali started off. “Before suggesting a performer should work on something, ask yourself if your suggestion is based on assumption or research. A quick glance on my timeline will show you numerous ‘character promos.’

“Since I’m on the subject, these training videos sometimes get comments like ‘tell a story’ and ‘slow down!’ Guys, I’m almost 20 years in the game. I’m fully capable of doing all that. These training videos are equivalent to ‘trick shots’ you’ll see from athletes across sports. No one yells at (Steph) Curry when he hits a shot from the bleachers. Same idea. Just my idea of having a good time. Hope that makes sense. Be well y’all.”

It’s been reported that not only does WWE not plan on granting him his release, there are no working plans in creative for Ali and he still has “well over a year, at least” on his WWE deal.

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