Mustafa Ali: “I’m Not On A Dead End In WWE!” (Video)


WWE tweeted out the following video over the weekend, featuring Mustafa Ali cutting a promo about his chase of the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. He said,

“For the past two years, I’ve been chasing after the Cruiserweight Championship. Every time I get close, I somehow end up further away. And I feel like the world is trying to tell me it’s not going to happen. Trying to give me a sign. When I close my eyes I see a dream and when I open my eyes, I still see them. So, you can throw up all the signs you want, you can tell me it’s not going to happen. You can tell me that this road that I’m walking on is a dead end! I’m going to tell you, you’re dead wrong.”

If the photo/video doesn’t load above, you can click here to view it. The link will pop up in a new window.

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