Mustafa Ali Returns To WWE Television to confront The Miz & Theory

Mustafa Ali Returns To WWE Television, Confronts The Miz & Theory


The former leader of “RETRIBUTION” has made his triumphant return to WWE and is back with the RAW brand.

Ali interrupted a Miz TV segment featuring The Miz and newly crowned WWE United States Champion Theory. After the three men exchanged verbal shots at each other, Theory informed The Miz that he received a text message from Mr. McMahon that said The Miz will face Mustafa Ali in a singles match on RAW.

Mustafa Ali would go on to defeat The Miz after reversing the Figure 4-Leglock into a rollup pin to get the win. At the conclusion of the match, Tommaso Ciampa came down and attacked Ali from behind.

This was another story that eWrestlingNews posted earlier today, where it was rumored that Mustafa Ali would be returning to WWE on RAW.

You can check out some highlights from the segment and match below:

What did you think of Mustafa Ali’s return? Do you think Ali is ready for a United States Championship run? Also, how do you feel about Tommaso Ciampa’s attack on Ali at the conclusion of his match with The Miz?

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