Mustafa Ali

Mustafa Ali Talks Miz Feud, Wanting The US Championship, More


WWE Superstar Mustafa Ali was a guest on this week’s episode of The Bump to discuss several professional wrestling topics, including his feud with The Miz and Theory, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the show below:

His feud with The Miz & Theory:

“The Miz, undoubtedly a future WWE Hall Of Famer, a former WWE Champion. He’s done everything, and that goes back to my point. Ever since I came back, I came with the intention to have a match against Theory for the US Title.

Theory sidesteps me, The Miz doesn’t know about the match, I don’t know about the match. It’s a level, fair, straight-up match, and I won. Every week after that, it’s their advantage, its special guest referees. There’s handicap matches, I have a match with a special guest referee with a new opponent. So every week since then, the odds have been stacked against me.

But, if you go back to week one when I came back, a straight-up match, I defeated, in the middle of the ring, a former WWE Champion, a future Hall Of Famer. I think we always focus on what’s just happened, that’s the way I am looking at things right now.”

His goal of winning the US Championship:

“I am in my bag right now, I am feeling myself, I feel untouchable in the ring. So, to answer your question, yeah, I am dangerous, I can move, I am quick, I am slick with it. So, when Theory actually decides to grow a set, and give me my United States Championship match, I am going to become the United States Champion.”

Quotes via Wrestling Inc.

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