MVP Discusses Kofi Kingston as WWE Champion


Former WWE star MVP was recently interviewed on The WINCLY podcast to talk about several professional wrestling topics. MVP discussed potentially working for a promotion full-time again, Kofi Kingston winning the WWE Championship, and having more representation in the business.

Here are the highlights:

Potentially working for a promotion full-time again: “I’m a businessman,” MVP said. “So, I’m always available to talk business. The circumstances would have to be right for all parties involved. I’m 45 now. I don’t want to be one these guys who stays past their expiration date. I can still go. At 45, I still wrestle pretty much every weekend on the independent circuit.

“I’m not keen on signing a contract that has me on the road 200 plus days out of the year. That was great when I was in my 20’s and 30’s. Now in my 40’s I’m not so quite motivated to do that. There are other things I want to do. I want to start transitioning out of the wrestling business. I want to start doing more speaking engagements.

“I do want to get started on that book. I like being able to be home and spend time with my son. At this point in my life, that is one of the most important things for me.”

Kofi Kingston winning the WWE Championship: “I think you can say prior to Kofi Kingston nobody that looks like Kofi Kingston has ever held the WWE championship. There is definitely something to be said for that. I think WWE as a whole has undergone a philosophy change,” MVP said. “Look at how the business has changed, and they’ve been forced to change along with it.

“Everything constantly evolves. Either you evolve or you go with the dinosaurs and get wiped out. You just look at NXT and that business model. You look at Kevin Owens. When I worked at WWE, a fat guy in a t-shirt. Vince wasn’t having it. Kevin Owens comes along, dazzles everybody with his talent and ability and beats John Cena. That was unheard of. Now he is a viable talent holding it down.

“There’s definitely change, a philosophical change in WWE. As far as overall race, specifically to WWE, Kofi was a huge statement. I think now one of the things with the current wave of talent is the inclusiveness.”

Having more representation in the business: “If you came and weren’t tough enough, guys would haze you and beat you up,” MVP said. “Only a certain kind of person could get in the business. Now anybody can. It’s kind of like the natural that these longer kids are talking about. If you’re gay, trans, black, white.

“These intergender matches, equality, men and women. All of these things are going on. I think this newer generation doesn’t place the same emphasis on race or any of those other factors. It’s a revolutionary time in the wrestling business now. Thanks to technology primarily, you’re seeing all types of stars emerging from places you’ve never seen before.

“Everyone doesn’t have to be 6-foot-4 with abs anymore. It’s pretty cool. I like what I’m seeing. And as I’m making my exit from the business, it’s pretty cool seeing the business is in good hands.”

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