MVP Reacts To Profile, Foley Speaks Out, Orton


edwardlaing sent this one in: Here’s an interview with Mick Foley I did last week if you’d be as kind to share and link in to my website. Will be plenty more coming over the course of the year.

Mike Jones sent this one in: Hey guys this is Mike Jones from DC101 in Washington DC. I just spoke to Cody to get ready for the event Sunday night at the Showplace Arena in Upper Marlboro. We discussed his match with Orton from RAW, plans for the next year leading up to Wrestlemania 30 and why he has to keep the stash now. Please feel free to post it on your site. Thank you!

mikemcculloch75 sent this one in: I thought UK readers might like to know about a couple of events some wrestlers will be attending, here in the UK. The last weekend of May (24th-26th), Rob Van Dam will be attending the MCM London Comic Con, which will be held at the Excel Arena. This appearance will mostly be to promote his new graphic novel. Also in the first weekend of July (5th-7th), Earls Court 2 will play host to the London Film and Comic Con. The Honkey Tonk Man, D’Lo Brown, DDP and Stevie Richards, will all be appearing over the weekend. Photo shoot prices have been announced at £15 each.

— A profile for former WWE Superstar MVP has been added to It’s worth noting that he’s listed as a “Superstar” and not “Alumni”. His entrance theme has also been added to the company’s official YouTube channel. After getting a lot of tweets from fans asking about his WWE status, he responded:

“I have said before & maintain that I remain on good terms with WWE & a return at some point is always a possibility. Thank you for caring!”

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