MVP Returning To WWE Correction, Punk/RAW Pub Update, More


Sam Ancell sent this one in: Hey, I’ve been a long time fan of your site and thought I should share some information that you may or may not find interesting. I’ve just back from a local promotion wrestling show here in the south east of England. The Promotion is called Premier Promotions and one of their biggest stars Joel Redman tonight announced it would be his last show as he has signed a 3 year contract with the WWE! He’s a great wrestler and has a big following throughout various parts of the UK. I’m sure he will be a big star if the WWE use him in the right way instead of making him a jobber or under-utilizing him. Hope this information is useful. Many thanks.

Matthew Hansen sent this one in: In a correction from our earlier report regarding MVP “never” returning to WWE, he tweeted the following this evening: @WWEMetalChick I was actually referring to using that theme song he mentioned. I’ve never said I’d “never return” to the WWE. Thanks

Dave Savery sent this one in: I was present in the pub that CM Punk walks into in tonight’s Raw. The pub is called “The Pilot Inn” and is Greenwich, London. The pub is about a 10 minute walk from the O2 arena where tonight’s Raw was filmed. There were a number of crew with him. Punk seemed very relaxed. He did not have any alcoholic beverage of any kind and although in tonight’s Raw he states he was meeting friends in the pub for Fish and Chips. This is inaccurate as the pub was not serving food at this time(!)

Jimmy David sent this one along: For what it’s worth there is a photo of Vince McMahon in the new GameInformer. He is photographed with one of the writers. The magazine has him listed as a “wrestling star.”

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