MVP Reveals His Goals For The Hurt Business, Talks RETRIBUTION, & More


During a recent interview with Sport Bible, MVP commented on his goals for The Hurt Business, their issues with RETRIBUTION, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On his goals for The Hurt Business: “Bobby and I had discussed bringing in Cedric, before we even brought in Shelton. We wanted a couple of younger guys, we talked about it and we asked. We were given a choice and one of those was Cedric. We felt we could give Cedric that extra edge he needs. He’s extremely talented, he just needs somebody to help him turn up that mean factor. I think Bobby and I are the ones to do it then adding Shelton to the mix, my plan is to see Shelton and Cedric compete for the tag titles in the near future. My goal is to see everyone in The Hurt Business as a decorated champion.”

MVP on Retribution: “A lot of people were asking why we weren’t getting involved with the RETRIBUTION situation early on and the answer is because it didn’t concern us. Strategically, I knew what I was doing when I told Adam Pearce we could take care of RETRIBUTION. Us doing that wasn’t any moral sense of defending Raw from these intruders, it was self-serving. As far as Ali, I respect what he did. I thought that was very impressive, brilliant tactician. But now he’s crossed the line and he’s got in our business, so we’ll have to tend to our business with them before we move on.”

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