MVP Speaks Out – A WWE Return, Benoit, Booker T



MVP recently spoke about a possible WWE return and more. Here are the highlights…

On Becoming Close Friends With Booker T: “It’s quite funny, Booker chose me, and he saw something in me. Years ago when I had my first dark match against Norman Smiley, Norman took me to the side and introduced me to Booker and we spent a few minutes talking and he gave me some advice and back then he was kind enough to give me his number and told me to give him a call if I ever needed any advice. Years later when it looked like I might have an opportunity to sign with the WWE, Steve Keirn asked me about my ability to get into other countries with my felony conviction. Even though I hadn’t spoken to Booker for quite some time I put the call into him and he remembered me and was gracious enough to spend some time on the phone talking to me about his experiences being signed and his criminal background getting in the way. When I got signed and called up to the WWE, Booker invited me to come and train at his school on my days off, which I did and when I got released from developmental and called up to the full time roster I decided to move over to Houston so I could continue training with Booker because when a six-time World champion says I want to train with you, you would be a fool not to.”

On What It Was Like To Debut For WWE: “The WWE is the NFL or the Premier League it is the top of the tops. For me Japan was my dream and the WWE was my goal, so making it to the WWE and actually standing in that ring for the first time in front of millions of people nationally and tens of millions of people internationally, I was there, I was at the show! it was so real, that’s the best way I can describe it. It took a while before I was actually able to believe it was happening.”

On His Career Highlights So Far: “I have so many but I would definitely have to say my very first WrestleMania wrestling the late Chris Benoit who was one of my in-ring idols, talk about surreal – a guy I used to watch on tape for years and then being on the biggest show in the biggest company standing across the ring from the guy I idolized. Wrestling Ric Flair at Madison Square Garden at the Royal Rumble was another career highlight and I’ve been fortunate to have quite a few but those two really stand out.”

On Returning To WWE: “There is a very likely possibility, I feel like I’ve got some unfinished business there. I would say there is a very realistic chance if it’s up to me barring injury or any unforeseen circumstances, before it is all said and done I will probably show up in a WWE ring again.”

NOTE: We reported the following on December 11, 2012:

Some familiar faces could be returning to WWE in the coming months as there has been a push from several top talents for the organization to bring back some “solid hand” wrestlers that were previously released. Two specific names in mind are MVP and Shelton Benjamin as organization officials have discussed bringing the former Superstars back to the fold.

Since being released from WWE in April 2010 in a cost-cutting measure, Benjamin has kept busy in Ring of Honor teaming with Charlie Haas and New Japan Pro Wrestling. MVP also competes in New Japan, where he teams with Benjamin under the tag team name “Black Dynamite.”

Later that day, MVP responded to rumors about a possible WWE return on Twitter, tweeting the following:

I have NOT been contacted by WWE. I still work for New Japan Pro Wrestling. I don’t know anything about these rumours. Sorry.

At that time, both MVP and Shelton Benjamin had not been contacted by WWE to return. That’s the likely reason they both denied they would be returning to the company. Benjamin later requested and was granted his release from Ring of Honor.

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