MVP Talks Why He Was Never Champion, Not Being a Fan of The Young Bucks’ Style


Former WWE star MVP was recently a part of a TEDx Talk to discuss several topics. MVP discussed why he was never a World Champion in WWE, and explained why he isn’t a fan of The Young Bucks’ style.

Here are the highlights:

Why he was never World Champion in WWE: “There was a time, it was relayed to me by some of the writers who I had become friends with and people higher up on the chain, that there was talk about me having a world championship run. But there was a lot of hesitation because there were certain countries that wouldn’t allow me in because of my violent felony past.

“And I can’t blame [WWE] for that. That’s a business decision. But I’m like, ‘damn, I’m still paying. All these years later, I’m still paying.” MVP explained, “if the laws are set up that you are released from prison then once the rules of our society have established that you are allowed to be back in society, then you should have the rights of every other member of society. That’s my take.”

Not a fan of The Young Bucks’ style: “Now, I’m the greybeard looking that’s around, going, ‘f–k, things have evolved.’ The only difference is I’m not one of those bitter pricks going, ‘aw, you guys are killing the business!’ I’m going, ‘okay, I’m not a fan of a lot of what it’s becoming, but I recognize what it is.'” MVP continued, ‘you take The Young Bucks. They are the hottest act in the world.

“I was on a tour with them in Australia, The House Of Hardcore. And you had me, Tommy Dreamer, Billy Gunn, Jack Swagger… you had a bunch of name guys on the card and the longest line every night was [for] The Young Bucks. They sold out of t-shirts. They brought boxes of t-shirts and they sold out on like the second night. Booker T and I, we often argue, good naturedly of course, about The Young Bucks and I would defend them.

“And I say, ‘I’m not a fan of The Young Bucks’ style of wrestling, but I am a fan of The Young Bucks because to create your own lane, and you find a niche, and you get your groove on, if people are buying tickets to see it, how could anybody say, ‘you’re be doing it wrong?””

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H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions

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