MVP Teases A Return To WWE + Jim Ross Blogs


— MVP had several questions from fans as to when he would return to WWE. MVP posted the following in response:

Receiving all these tweets asking me to come back or when & if I’ll be back is so humbling. Thank you 4 your support. Ya never know…

MVP has previously said that he left WWE on good terms and that the door is open for an eventual return.

— Jim Ross spoke in his latest blog about calling WrestleMania matches, who he’d like to see Undertaker face in his last match and more. Check out the highlights:

On whether the Rock’s spoken to him about calling his WrestleMania match: “@TheRock doesn’t make those calls but the answer is no. I haven’t spoken directly to Rock in a good while as he has his hands full preparing for @JohnCena and managing a movie career.”

On whether Undertaker has asked him to call his match: “I have no idea if that’s remotely true as it came to my attention via the internet. I’ve spoken to no one about that matter. Likely just another rumor.”

On if Chris Jericho can win the WWE Title at WrestleMania: “Of course, but it won’t be easy. Love the chances that this match steals the wrestling spotlight on the April 1 PPV. It’s too close to call for me.”

On whether Jericho’s verbal attack on Punk was too personal:“It’s show biz folks. Personal issues draw money and interest in the genre. It always has and always will. Alcoholism is a serious illness. It’s affected many of us but don’t confuse real life issues with a sports entertainment storyline. Enjoy it or turn the channel.”

On who he’d like to see in Taker’s last match: “Depends on when it will be and who’s hot. I don’t see that happening for a while but a Cena vs. Undertaker bout down the road is likely.”

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