Naomi Posts New Tweet Following Her WWE Walkout & Suspension


WWE Superstar Naomi, who is currently indefinitely suspended from the company after walking out, took to Twitter today and posted a video of a man giving life advice. It appears some of the points he talks about in his video are relevant to what she’s currently dealing with. The man in the video says,

“What’s popping? These are five things you need to hear today. Let’s go.

1. Important people come and go. That’s ok.

2. You can look at it as rejection or you can look at it as redirection.

3. You define what fun is. Don’t allow someone to make you feel like what you like is stupid.

4. Sometimes, you’re gonna have to let other people down to make yourself happy.

5. Diet isn’t just what you eat. Your diet is what you watch, listen to and allow around you.”

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