Natalya Blogs, Finlay At Indy Event, ‘Are You Series’


— Former WWE talent Dave Finlay appears in Sittingbourne, England on Sunday for IPW:U.K.’s No Escape show. He will face Martin Stone.

— Natalya has published a blog on her official website revealing how she performed Beth Phoenix’s Glam Slam finishing maneuver in Japan before she knew her “Pin-up Strong” mate.

“I’ll never forget my first finishing move. Believe it or not- it wasn’t always the Sharpshooter! It was something I named: Nattie By Nature. It is only fitting that this move is what we all now know as The Glam Slam!” she writes. “And that brings me to the Glamazon! In 2005 (Japan) I had never met Beth Phoenix nor did I know of her. Somehow, in other parts of the world, we were sharing the same passion and looking like twins doing it!”

— Below is the latest episode of WWE’s “Are You Serious?” the YouTube show hosted by B.G. James and Josh Mathews. In this episode they mock Kevin Nash’s “Oz” debut, the Arachniman character, Tommy Rich as “Thomas Rich,” and more from WCW. As for WWE/F material, they cover Rock and Mankind falling through the Spanish announce table at Royal Rumble ’99 and the first WWF wedding, one that involved Vince McMahon eating a face-full of cake.

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