Natalya: ‘I Have Ownership Of The Word B*tch in Wrestling’


Nobody calls somebody else a “b*tch” in the world of professional wrestling quite like Natalya, according to the third-generation Superstar.

If you’ve seen enough promos from the former SmackDown Women’s Champion, you’ll have heard Natalya call opponents a “b*tch” or sometimes refer to herself with the term.


Speaking on a recent episode of the “Ring The Belle” podcast, Natalya took great pleasure in discussing her frequent use of the term. She said,

“I don’t think anybody has embraced the word b*tch the way that I have, and I’m proud of it. I think I have ownership of that word at this point, and I’m damn proud of it. That line has really brought me so much joy.”

Natalya challenged Rhea Ripley for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship at WWE Night of Champions 2023 but in a losing effort.

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