Natalya Injured At SD + New WWE Divas?, Ryder Note, More


— WWE has released a new “WWWYKI” Basic t-shirt for Zack Ryder.

— As noted earlier, WWE’s website has a new article up looking at the popularity of Daniel Bryan’s “YES!” chants. They re-posted Steve Austin’s Twitter comments from a few weeks back where he endorsed the chants. Bryan said about Austin’s comments:

“I think [Austin] was probably just placating fans. There’s a percentage of the WWE Universe that likes things they’re not supposed to like, and they’re responsible for the ‘YES!’ chants. When I first started doing it, the only thing I thought was that this is going to annoy the hell out of people.”

— We noted yesterday that several women’s wrestlers are receiving tryouts with WWE during the current overseas tour. Diva Dirt reports that two other names have reportedly received tryouts – Danni Brooks and Monica Passeri.

— WWE Diva Natalya was busted open and bloodied at Tuesday’s SmackDown tapings from London. The accident came in a match against AJ Lee when AJ took out her frustrations on Natalya and wouldn’t stop beating on her in the corner. Paramedics had to come out and check on Natalya before cleaning the blood off her and the ring.

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