NECW Gets New TV Deal, Reid Flair’s Funeral, HBK Trip


— As noted yesterday here on the website, the funeral for Reid Flair will be taking place tomorrow in Charlotte, North Carolina. The funeral is open to family and friends, while a private burial with family will take place later. Cards, flowers or donations can be sent to Ric Flair c/o Legacy Talent and Entertainment at 1300 Baxter St. #100, Charlotte, NC 28204.

Devin Cutting passed this along: The SmackDown taping on June 18th, 2013 will be held in Dayton, Ohio at the Nutter Center. Tickets go on sale April 13th. Get info about future events at:

— New England Championship Wrestling has announced that they are back on broadcast TV in the Boston area. The promotion’s new show will premiere on Thursday at 12:30 AM on WMFP TV, Channel 62. Each episode will also be available on the promotion’s YouTube channel. The press release notes that several big names have appeared in the promotion at some point in their career including John Cena, Beth Phoenix, Kofi Kingston and Doug Williams.

NECW promoter Sheldon Golberg said in the press release, “In many ways, New England Championship Wrestling is a throwback to how pro wrestling was presented before the national expansion of pro wrestling in the 1980’s, said NECW promoter. We are strictly a regional operation. We operate in smaller venues and bring our fans a very up close and personal experience.”

He added, “The quality of athlete here in NECW is very high and just because it’s a local presentation doesn’t mean you’re seeing also-rans. The action is top notch. We’re a family-oriented business that attracts fans in all age categories, and unlike a lot of pro sports today, this is affordable to the average family as a live event experience, and now that we’re on conventional TV it’s going to be a lot more accessible.”

Carl Dantes passed this along:

Bid on a chance for a once in a lifetime fishing trip with WWE Legend The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels and Keith Mark of MacMillan River Adventures and possibly have your fishing trip used for broadcast on Shawn’s MRA hunting show which appears on The Outdoor Channel.

Award winning, Shawn Michaels “MacMillan River Adventures” will return to Outdoor Channel on Tuesday, July 2, 2013. With two incredibly exciting and successful seasons behind them, host Shawn Michaels, with his co-host Keith Mark, are back for season three with even bigger and more adventurous episodes!

Season three will feature some can’t miss adventures, a show dedicated to our American freedoms, a couple more “very close” Yukon Moose encounters at the real MacMillan River Adventures, a heart touching hunt with our Outdoor Adventure Foundation friends, some awesome whitetail deer hunts, some surprises with some of Shawn’s old WWE friends, and many more exciting adventures that feature the special chemistry of Shawn and Keith as they promote faith, family, friendship, conservation, and the values of living a hunting lifestyle, as they hunt in some of the most pristine hunting destinations in the world.

Proceeds Benefit: Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City and Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund.

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