Negative Reaction To Triple H’s Remarks On Daniel Bryan


Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

As seen at the conclusion of RAW, Triple H took hold of the mic and ran Daniel Bryan down yet again in typical fashion, as he proclaimed that the 5’8″ grappler is not worthy of being “The Face of WWE.”

The Chief Operating Officer’s remarks had a lot of people shaking their heads backstage since they feel he was burying him as a performer rather than knocking him in a villainous manner that would lead to Bryan gaining retribution.

As noted earlier, Chris Jericho tweeted the following regarding his name being mentioned by Triple H:

Thing is @tripleh despite ur major push,u never were either. Good luck in ur future endeavours @emmrichr84: Not the one @TripleH? I disagree

Chris Jericho (@IAmJericho) October 22, 2013

Time to move on guys. Bye bye @wwe! Now time for more important things…any doubt that #DayInTheLife is the best @thebeatles song ever??

Chris Jericho (@IAmJericho) October 22, 2013

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