New Bruno Sammartino Documentary Will Be Available On Tuesday


Heartfelt Films has announced that a new documentary about Bruno Sammartino will be available to stream this Tuesday.

You can check out the official announcement below:


Bruno Sammartino earned his fame. Sold-out Madison Square Garden 189 times! Peers revered him, Hollywood celebrities courted him, Italian Americans adored him, and Arnold Schwarzenegger called him “The Star of all stars.”

Young Bruno and his family fled the Nazi’s and were nearly executed. When Bruno arrived in the United States, his inability to speak the language and poor health made him a focus of ethnic ridicule and a target of schoolyard bullies.There are life-altering moments when choices made change people forever. Bruno already witnessed his mother, Emilia, face such choices and now Bruno faces his.

An authentic story of improbable rise, about a man who holds honor above fame and dignity above fortune.Experience heartfelt interviews from the Champion and his family and see historical footage of a man who held wrestling’s most prestigious title. It’s love of a mother and son tested to the limits.

Root for Bruno Sammartino all over again, the greatest champion of all time.

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