New Content Coming To The WWE Network Next Week


The following are the new programs airing on the WWE Network next week:

* Monday: RAW Pre-Show at 7:30 pm EST.

* Monday: State of the WWE Universe at 11:06 PM EST

“The Commissioners and General Managers of RAW and SmackDown give a State of the WWE Universe address on the 30th Annual Survivor Series.”

* Tuesday: WWE SmackDown Pre-Show at 7:30 pm EST.

* Tuesday: WWE Talking Smack at 10 pm EST.

* Wednesday: Unfiltered with Renee Young at 4 pm EST.

“A reluctant Chris Jericho joins Renee Young to chat about music, celebs, and all things Canadian. Plus, Jon Stewart stops by for some fun.”

* Wednesday: A new episode of NXT.

“With TakeOver just days away, we preview all of the action before NXT invades Toronto!”

* Friday: New episode of WWE Superstars.

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