New Features To Be Added On The WWE Network & App



As noted earlier here on the website, WWE
held their annual Business Partner Summit over WrestleMania week. Here
are some more news and notes about that meeting.

* The biggest
news is that WWE will be adding new features on the WWE Network soon.
Those features include highlight markers so viewers can scroll to
specific moments of a show, video bookmarks and personalized
recommendations based on what people watch like, like on Netflix. Also,
they will be adding a personalized feature so you can have the option of
marking their favorite content.

* WWE Studios is planning on releasing 8-10 movies this year.

* WWE is planning on going to Malaysia as their new international market for 2014.

* The WWE Networking will be launched this spring on Amazon Fire and Xbox One as well as connected TV’s and Blu-ray/DVD players.
The WWE App will be launched on location-based services this summer.
WWE is also planning on improving their live event experiences where
fans can get directions to the arena, access to merchandise deals and
other perks.

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