New IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Champions Crowned


NJPW issued the following:

New Jr. Tag Champions crowned in Korakuen

El Desperado and Yoshinobu Kanemaru start second reign

A mere 48 hours after their meeting in Sendai in the IWGP Jr. heavyweight Tag Team Championship league, Yoshinobu Kanemaru & El Desperado took on Hiromu Takahashi and BUSHI in a rematch, this time with the titles on the line.

Desperado wanted to start with Hiromu, but Takahashi was rather more calm in the opening, allowing BUSHI to start and dictate the pace with a little help of a Tshirt choke on Kanemaru. Control of the match didn’t last for long though; a dropkick underneath BUSHI’s jaw from the heel master, and both Suzuki-Gun members went to work inside the ring and out on their LIJ opponents.

Proving their experience as a champion caliber team, Despe and Kanemaru effectively cut the ring in half and set about wearing down Hiromu Takahashi, drawing the referee where possible to add an extra choke or rake of the eyes. A Dragon Screw would open the door for BUSHI’s entry though, and double dropkicks to both Suzuki-Gun members. A Tope Suicida attempt was prevented though, as Desperado tripped BUSHI, and when Kanemaru kicked out the knee of the masked man, Desperado smelled blood.

BUSHI was able to throw Desperado off the scent with a diving tijeras, bringing Hiromu in. The Time Bomb was too focused on his masked opponent, however, and after a flurry on Desperado, Kanemaru was present to kill Hiromu’s momentum. Desperado attempted Guitarra Del Angel and Pinche Loco, but both moves were to no avail, and BUSHI would come in to once again bring his team together.

With Kanemaru taken out by a BUSHI tope suicida, it seemed as if Hiromu had Desperado to himself. El Es Clero from Desperado almost ended the match in a flash, but the hold didn’t lead to three and a Dynamite Plunger and assisted suplex powerbomb brought two nearfalls to LIJ. LAT followed for a clear victory but Kanemaru pulled the referee out of the ring in desperation.

A pop up low blow from Kanemaru rattled Hiromu’s nether regions, and a whiskey bottle shot rattled his brains as Desperado recovered. Pinche Loco followed, but Takahashi kicked out. After a closed fist to the jaw however, a second Pinche Loco led to Suzuki-Gun victory. Post match, a confident Desperado hinted that he would wrestle Hiromu again, only to pull the rug out from under the fans and say ‘I’ll never say anything you people want to hear. We’re never, ever facing you two for these belts again’. The belts did meet Hiromu’s face however, Desperado laying one last post match insult to the Time Bomb’s injury as the night ended.

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