New Jack Calls Out ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’, & More



ECW icon New Jack’s (real name Jerome Young) appearance on The Daily Show was a one-off appearance. A representative of the show stated, “New Jack was cast specifically to appear in that single field piece as a performer, not as a correspondent. While they [show producers] were happy with his part in the piece, as of now the show has no plans to use him again.”

New Jack is also hoping to turn his bounty hunter career into a reality show. He also had some rough words for the TV bounty hunter, Duane “Dog” Champman.

“Dog the Bounty Hunter is a pathetic, lost soul,” said New Jack, who during the interview referenced star Duane “Dog” Chapman making racial slurs during a recorded call with son Tucker, resulting in his show being temporarily removed from A&E in 2007. “His show literally sucks. When I do my show, you’ll see how it’s supposed to be done.”

That way, he says, won’t leave much room for mercy.

“I would thank them for not going to court, because they just paid some bills,” New Jack said, “I’m not trying to save the world.”

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