New Jack Talks ECW Co-Workers, Extreme Reunion & More


New Jack was interviewed on In Your Head Wrestling Radio, where he talked about ECW, Extreme Reunion and more with hosts Jack E. Jones and One Inch Biceps.

He talked about an appearance on rival radio show and the “couple of marks” that hosted it. He said one of the guys said he was an “indy professional wrestler” and he had no respect for indy wrestlers because they didn’t train like they were supposed to. New Jack said he was one of the few wrestlers who never went to a major promotion and made a name for himself. He said people either appreciated him for being hardcore or didn’t want to get in the ring with him.

He then talked about the Extreme Reunion show on April 28, and said ECW twelve times even though he wasn’t supposed to. He was in better shape than he had been in his entire life. When New Jack was told about how the show had almost sold out, he said this was proof that the people who said no one wants to see them anymore were “full of crap”.

Here are some of the other topics he touched on.

On Balls Mahoney: He said that Balls has legitimate heat with him for insult his woman and posting a video where Balls threw up on fans. He also told a story about Balls and a ring rat and while he won’t wrestle with someone who bleeds.

On Tammy Sytch: New Jack said that Tammy tried to get him to kill her cop boyfriend.

On Terri Runnels: He said he did have an affair with her but didn’t plan on releasing the photos. He didn’t think anyone would want to see them.

On Mustafa: He said he is looking forward to working with Mustafa at Extreme Reunion.

On Abdullah the Butcher: He said that even though Abdullah started a rumor about New Jack having HIV, they are still on good terms.

On Bubba the Love Sponge: He said he went on Bubb’a show and was afraid it was a set up because Bubba wanted to get back at him for knocking out Brian Kobbs. Bubba brought up New Jack stabbing William Jason Lane and New Jack pulled out a knife. He said Bubba was humble after that.

On Mass Transit: He said after their infamous match, Mass Transit asked if he thought he had a job and New Jack told him he did if he didn’t bleed to death.

On William Jason Lane: He said he stabbed Lane because he punched New Jack in the face twice after he (New Jack) had been doing cocaine and drinking.

He was also asked about why ECW is remembered so fondly and he said it was because everyone had fun and the fans cared about the wrestlers. He said they may be a little slower and less agile, but the fans would sell out a building to see them eat ice cream. When asked if he would stay if the show turns into a promotion, he said he would to help the younger generation, because they can wrestle but can’t cut a promo.

He told Internet fans not to judge him because they do not know him and he lives a normal life. A fan called in and said he would be at the show and New Jack said they would take a picture of the two with their pants down. He added that he embraces his fans and has a good time with them, because he created him.

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