Tuesday, April 16, 2024
NewsNew Logo for NWA's Upcoming TV Tapings in Georgia

New Logo for NWA’s Upcoming TV Tapings in Georgia



Billy Corgan and the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) tweeted out the following, showing a new logo for their upcoming TV tapings in Atlanta, Georgia on September 30th and October 1st:

Georgia, The National Wrestling Alliance is coming home to you. Which is why we’ve gone out of our way to make this very special logo the flagship symbol for our upcoming television tapings in Atlanta, September 30th and October 1st. I have so much history with the area, from recording Siamese Dream in Marietta in 1992 and 93, to those Saturday mornings watching the Nature Boy tear it up from Techwood Studios. And here we’ll be just down the block, a stone’s throw away from those vaunted days, at GPB studios in front of 154 strong. I can guarantee that our shows we’ll be like no other currently out there, and in my opinion that’s the best way to honor the legacy of the NWA; by pushing forward while always honoring the past. We hope you’ll be there to join us!


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